One-stop on-demand Manufacturing Services for Neodymium Magnets

MagnetSearcher provides advanced neodymium magnets manufacturing services to engineers, designers, or procurement specialists worldwide. At MagnetSearcher, you are no longer subject to the limits of your existing local suppliers. We integrate seamlessly with over 2,000 vetted manufacturing facilities across China. This means our customers can dynamically scale their product development needs or product output by sending manufacturing orders to MagnetSearcher.

Step 1

Submit RFQ

Get the optimal price and lead time option for your project.

Step 2

Place Order

All you need to do is confirm the order and pay for it. After placing your order, production will start.

Step 3

Order Tracking

You’ll receive regular status updates.

Step 4

Receive Magnets

We provide quality assurance, quality reports, and delivery tracking.

Making Your Magnets to Your Specifications

MagnetSearcher's supplier network is backed by a comprehensive quality system to guarantee the fit, form, and function of your magnets. Manufacturing suppliers in MagnetSearcher’s nationwide network go through a vetting process to monitor quality. For each order, we'll provide final inspection reports upon completion.

“Working with MagnetSearcher gives us access to the production capacity of over 2,000 providers from China—this is the real value of our collaboration. It allowed us to get the competitive prices and lead times for our projects.”

Tap into the power of the largest neodymium magnets manufacturing supplier network now

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